About Greatist

Who We Are

Greatist is the leading, trusted brand making health more awesome. And we've been the fastest growing health site since 2011. (Must be all that interval training we're doing!) By sticking true to our belief that people deserve better than the content out on the web, Greatist has built the defining health brand and business of this generation — one truly on your side. And we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

What We Do

We bring you the best content in the health space. Not only is every fact cited by a scientific study and every article approved by multiple experts, but everything we do is written in a friendly and relatable tone. Greatist is your trusted, healthy friend, inspiring tons to make healthier choices everyday.

Why We Do It

Because people deserve better than what's out there. Because there isn't a place people can truly turn to for health content that's fun and trusted — not to mention a place that actually makes an impact on people's lives. And because the web needs somewhere people can have access to 400+ healthy recipes and bodyweight workouts alongside videos of strangers holding hands, articles on how to booze healthier, and sneaky tricks to hack your brain.

Who We Reach

We write for a connected community who knows a thing or two (or three...) about health and fitness, but wants to learn more. Our audience is clever, curious, and passionate, and needs a place to turn to for healthy goodness — our way of saying the most kickass content on the web.

What's a Greatist?

We're so glad you asked! Our belief is you don't have to the greatest all the time, but just a greatist: someone who chooses to makes healthy choices some of the time. And we understand that each person is unique and every journey to healthy is different. A greatist decides what healthy means to them, understanding that being healthy is synonymous to being happy, too.

Here are some examples of what being a greatist is. Make sure to give us a shout and tell us how you are a greatist!

A Greatist...
  • likes making healthier choices because it makes them feel good. And they like sharing those choices because they are proud.
  • isn't always a marathon runner (but can be!).
  • doesn't obsess over making the healthiest choices every single minute.
  • enjoys cupcakes, but doesn't mind baking them with whole-wheat and shredded carrots every now and then.
  • knows the importance of being healthy, but also knows health takes work.
  • does naked yoga.
  • realizes that health is about feeling better, not looking better.
  • is someone who doesn't take things too seriously and who realizes the importance of laughter in a busy life.
  • knows that healthy is happy.
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