Wimbledon is tennis' greatest championship. While festivities have died down around the 2012 games, we highlight one of the best matches in tennis history between Federer and Nadal.

No wonder Willy Wonka has a healthy heart! Celebrate National Chocolate Day in moderation this year! In the right form, chocolate can help reduce the risk of coronary disease, lower blood pressure, beat stress, and more.

Check in here for this week's highlights, including ways to spice up any summer get together, 21 of the craziest themed races out there, and tips on becoming a pro whitewater rafter and beach volleyball star!

Some get up and drive to work. Others prepare a five-course feast. A few even put the moves on a bedmate. Thirty percent of Americans have sleepwalked at least once. Could you be one of them?

Say hello to summer with these refreshing watermelon pops. The best part? Only three ingredients!

Here's the best way to celebrate National Chocolate Day this July 7th! Let the wrappers fly because here are 15 ways to get that chocolate fix without feeling bad about it later.


A generative data-visualisation of all the scientific evidence for popular health supplements by David McCandless and Andy Perkins via Information is Beautiful.

Ready for some Friday R&R? This week's roundup includes your guide to running lingo, the truth about juice cleanses, and whether or not being bitter can actually make you sick.

"You play to win — to get that World Series ring, All-Star games, and whatever comes with it." — Nick Johnson

Greatist's Fitness Editor explains how CrossFit contributed to multiple injuries, poor self-esteem, and even reconstructive surgery — and why he still does it.
Design experiment, or subliminal way to reduce portion sizes? This new plate design could probably be both.

This week, we've scoured the web to find some healthy, delicious (and not to mention stunningly gorgeous) cakes.


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