Not only is cantaloupe fun to say — this superfruit has tons of super qualities like beauty-boosting vitamins, too!

What’s up with the Kangoo craze? Three greatists headed to the New York Health and Racquet Club to give these super-bouncy shoes a try. Read on to see how we did!

Don’t have a ticket to the 2012 Olympic Games? Never fear: The USA’s best and brightest are now Twitter all-stars, too. Read on for our top 30 athletes to follow so you don’t miss a thing.

Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Child’s Pose — say what? Here's the lowdown on getting in on the yoga craze — without the intimidation factor.

This sausage impressario knew more than just links. Celebrate National Ice Cream day with Jimmy Dean's comparison of a sundae to a love supreme.

Whether we're night owls or early birds, fitting in a daily workout can be tough. So what's the most optimal time to get in that sweat sesh?


GUEST POST: In an exclusive excerpt from Strength and Conditioning Research's new "Background" research collection, Chris Beardsley explains the latest research on energy systems and fitness.

Never feel guilty about eating a little sweet stuff when choosing from this list!

Burning calories in the squat rack doesn’t always translate to uncontrollable hunger. Find out why the body may send some mixed stomach signals after hitting the showers.

A new study found two minutes of sprinting revs up the metabolism as much as 30 minutes of endurance exercise. So should we all swap the long runs for some sprints?

No need to bring extra shoes in that gym bag — during high-heel workouts, participants get fit while wearing sky-high stilettos. But is working out in fancy footwear a recipe for disaster?

Americans are slurping up oranges and other assorted fruit through straws, but fruit juice doesn't offer the same dose of healthy nutrients like real fruit does.


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