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Greatist Workout of the Day Lunges
Ready for a killer full-body workout you can do anywhere, no equipment required? Try today's GWOD!

Marathons are hard, but how you prepare the morning of your race is just as important as the run itself. Here, running coach Jason Fitzgerald shares his top tips for performing your best.

What Meditation Isn't
Does meditation really work for everyone? Are some people just not wired for it? Here's the real deal on the most common misconceptions from mindfulness meditation coach Louise Jensen.
Greatist Workout of the Day Bear Crawl
Ready for a killer full-body workout you can do anywhere, no equipment required? Try today's GWOD!
Autoimmune Diseases and Young Adults
Dr. Bonnie Feldman breaks down the causes, symptoms, and challenges involved in diagnosing autoimmune diseases and obliterates the myth that young adults are immune to these life-altering disorders.


Weight loss isn't easy, but it's about making small lifestyle changes. We've rounded up the best tips (backed by scientific studies) to shed a couple pounds.

60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing
Shots, spritzers, cocktails, and more—we rounded up 60 of the healthiest alcoholic drink recipes out there.

Millions of families across the U.S. are living without access to nutritious food. This year Greatist is participating in the Food Bloggers Against Hunger campaign to help figure out strategies to make healthy living a little more affordable.

When lunch and dinner come rolling around, head to this list for tons of healthier ways to fill your belly.
Daylight savings is the perfect time to finally get on the schedule you've always wanted. Greatist has THE guide to help you shake your night owl persona.

It's easy to avoid obviously dirty objects, but what about those that secretly breed icky bacteria? Here are 21 everyday objects that probably need a deep clean right about now.


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Tackling a long hill with a slow climb or running hard up a short, steep incline challenges aerobic fitness, leg strength, and mental toughness all... Read More >

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