GUEST POST: Whether you're feelin' groovy or gloomy, emotions are part of being human. Psychotherapist Jasmin Terrany offers tips for dealing with feelings like sadness and anger — not pretending they don't exist.

This week, Greatist celebrated National Running Day with a wide variety of ways to become a better runner, 10 superfoods to properly fuel each stride, and 30 Pinterest boards to follow for health tips and motivation!

GUEST POST: After trying every weight loss system in the book, Brittani Rettig needed a new plan of attack. Hear how she transformed her missteps into a happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

A hearty take on the classic Middle Eastern dish Shakshouka, this potato, sausage, and tomato sauce-based spicy egg dish is perfect for any meal when it's a comfort food kind of day.

Are concrete jungles all they're cracked up to be? Research suggests city living might be more stressful.

Ready, set — wait, what about the warm-up? Before the whistle blows, there are a few dos and don’ts to gearing the body up for exercise.


Every weekend the Greatist team gets together to put a new workout to the test. This week's? Belly Dancing! Watch the video here.

Find out how a Greatist writer went from five years of vegetarianism to slaughtering his own meat, and what he’s learned in the process.
GUEST POST: One month into the New Year, author Jeff Olson has some practical advice on taking tiny steps to achieve our biggest resolutions and goals year-round.
Try this easy vegetarian enchilada recipe for your next get together or for an easy and filling weeknight dinner.
Check out these ten tasty, easy recipes that solve the eternal question — what's for lunch?

The Food and Agriculture Organization was founded 66 years ago this week. Since then, the institution's led the fight against world hunger.


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