5K Training Guide

Run a 5K (and Love Every Second of It)
5K TRAINING GUIDE PDF Document | 71 pages
The first 5K plan that has it all: Train smart with expert advice, get fast with awesome strategies and tips, and have tons of fun.
Improve Your Running Form
From head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we’ve got you covered on how to run with correct form
Injury Prevention Tips
Stay away from injuries with post-workout recovery tips and exercises that keep the body strong
Nutrition Tips and Recipes
Read up on the some top-notch nutrition tips and test out some of our snack suggestions to fuel up right
The Ultimate Workout Playlist
We have our top music picks to get your pumped during any workout!
Race-Day Cheat Sheet
Get the 411 on everything you need to know for the day of the race
... and more!
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"I was able to find some plans online for free, but I chose the Greatist guide. I like the pre- and post-workout snacks, breakdown of proper form, and warm-up and strength-training suggestions. It’s got everything I need!"
Megan Brown
A Satisfied Customer
"An easy-to-follow, colorful guide to running your best 5K."
Jenny Hadfield
RunnersWorld.com Columnist, Author, & Coach
5K TRAINING GUIDE PDF Document | 71 pages